About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Building meaningful and empowering relationships to establish value, significance and resilience in the lives of young people.

Our Vision

To create an environment where all young people are valued and empowered through meaningful and supportive relationships.

Our Values


Positive relationships are at the core of everything we do. It is our number one priority over and above everything else. We believe that healthy, sustainable relationships can create value and positive long-term change in people.

Valuing People

We believe that everyone has value and worth, which we reinforce through meaningful relationships, encouragement and support.


We encourage our participants and peers at all times. We always speak well of others under all circumstances. Positive words lead to positive outcomes. Encouragement lifts people to new heights and gives people the confidence they need to help break down the barriers in their life.


We always lead from the front and strive to create an environment where everyone can be at their best. We are proactive, think forward, and take ownership of our outcomes and self-development.


We always reflect on the way that we work, treat people and interact in our relationships. We believe that understanding ourselves better leads to self-improvement in ourselves and the people around us. Make the change in your life that you want to see in others.

Our Developmental Model of Care

When young people, adolescents, or adults experience significant life challenges, setbacks and disappointment can occur. This can lead to severe and complex behaviours, a feeling of being ‘different’ from others, or a sense that life is filled with challenges. Starting from a place of challenge can make all aspects of life difficult to face. In these situations, maladaptive forms of coping may develop, and a framework to guide individuals can help.

HYPAR’s Comprehensive Developmental Model of Care has been developed by a range of professionals and experts in the fields of Child Safety, Disability, Human Services and Neurobiology. The model sets the basis for therapeutic-care, and guides Mentors to support young people sensitively and thoughtfully while promoting their experiences and values.

Our model creates an individual experience for everyone and sets the basis for resilience and movement towards wellbeing, and enables a shared growth experience in the following areas:


Neurobiological Considerations

Holistic Care
for a Good Life